Theatre Portfolio

Student theatre is about building a culture of independence. I know my plays have been a success when I don’t have a single staff member running the final show.

Most schools will speak about the process of student learning and involvement in their productions. But how many can claim to have a 100% student-run show with all adults and teachers watching from the audience? For the past ten years I have had great joy in helping to build a culture where older students become the mentors for younger students and in turn creating an environment less reliant on adults. The highlight of my career thus far was on the final night of “Macbeth Re-Arisen.” Not a single adult/teacher was involved in the running of the performance. From the lighting and sound, to backstage, all the way through to the Year 10 student who called the play entirely on their own as stage manager. The students felt empowered, and claimed full ownership of the play for themselves. That’s what success looks like to me.

Macbeth Re-Arisen – Senior Play 2021
A student-made film to promote the senior play
Lord of the Flies – Senior Play 2020
Monkey: Journey to the West – Middle School Play 2019
How do you turn a car showroom into a theatre?
The Witches – Middle School Play 2018
Robin Hood – Middle School Play 2017

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