Student Work

I reached out to my students to ask if they would let me show their work. Here are some examples.

Matthew Clayton

Matthew showed a great apptitude for creative film making early in the semester and produced two very fine videos for submission. He has allowed me to show his work here.

Matt Clayton – Year 10 “music video” project

Gregory Whittenbury

Gregory created his film in my year 10 class. The curriculum is based off an inquiry learning model where students are awarded a significant period of time to work on a project of their choosing. Gregory took out first place at the “SF3 KIDS FILM FESTIVAL” 2020 .

Gregory’s winning video

You can see Gregory’s acceptance speech for his award here

Terence Hsu

Terence is an incredibly talented artist who used his drawing skills to produce some beautiful story board work. Here are some examples he drew in his process towards making his final film submission

Story Board for year 10 film elective

Ben Robison

Ben has worked with me in school productions since his year 7. Now, first year out of school, he has come back in a professional capacity to train current students in sound and lighting. Ben also turned his hand to some filming and editing during rehearsals and created some great promotional material. These are also found in the Theatre portfolio page.

A play that never received an audience. Covid 19 happend and a filmed run was the only showing we were able to make.
Ben recorded some of the rehearsal process before the show was bumped into the theatre

Oscar Liu

Oscar was team leader in a crew of three to produce the full video of the 2021 senior play. Oscar was able to utilise the equipment and theatre to full effect and produced this promotional video from his own initiative. A very talented young man.

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