My Personal Journey

Guiding safaris on horseback is one of the most exciting experiences of my life

Born in Kenya to an English father and Australian mother, I lived the first eleven years of my life growing up in East Africa; in an environment far-removed from the life I lead in Australia. I commenced my new life in Melbourne at the age of 12, jumping into school sport and drama early on. I was introduced to the pleasures of bush-walking and the outdoors in my later teenage years where I then applied to be an outdoor education leader where I discovered my talent and enjoyment for teaching.

My life after school has been adventurous and varied. I spent a Gap Year in an English school and working closely with their sports and drama departments which subsequently connected me to the sport of polo where I journeyed to Argentina and worked on a polo estancia, teaching adults to ride and play polo. I also spent some years as an adult back in Kenya, where I I helped my father set up a horse-safari company. I sat my exam and qualified as a safari guide, educating tourists about the delicate balance between conservation of wildlife and the ever expanding human population. An topic I will always remain passionate about. Before making my return to teaching, I came back to Australia to manage and run Bakers Bridge Polo Academy that runs out of Geelong. The life experience I gained from these pursuits are still some of my most valued moments of learning.

The horses have taken a hiatus for now as my wife and I pursue adventure of the two-wheeled variety. There is so much that Australia has to offer that we’re enjoying our adventures here, especially having lived through 2020. Our hope is that our baby daughter will share our love of the outdoors and need for adventures too.

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