Key Educational Influencers

My final research paper examined how Daniel Goleman’s theory of emotional intelligence could be used as a teaching tool. Goleman released his first book in the early 90’s and his theory still holds up today.

Michael Fullan has been a leading thinker in education reform for a while now. Pioneering the “6 c’s in education” (see below), Fullan’s ideas have influenced the way I see my own role in education.

Lisa Feldman Barrett and her team of neuroscience researchers, examined how we all experience emotion. This TED talk introduces their findings and empowers us to take steps towards claiming ownership of ourselves.

A short video linking to Simon Sinek’s account. Sinek is well known for making waves in the business world with his philosophies on leadership. His book “Start with why” is an important read for any aspiring leader.

The foundations of leadership. Amy Cuddy has a wonderful story of resilience and perseverence. Her research on body language and the chemical effect it can have on our bodies is not to be overlooked.

Although not known for his contribution to education, Tim Minchin provides insight and logic in how our young people (or old people, or those in between) can approach their lives after school.

Angela Duckworth’s book speaks to my heart about the importance for inclusion of extra curricular activities in a young persons life. Duckworth talks about the need to undertake a “hard thing”. Be it learning a musical instrument, mastering a sport, acting in a school play… It’s important for our young people to kinesthetically understand the value of perseverence when things get hard.

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