Born in Kenya to an English father and Australian mother, I lived the first eleven years of my life in East Africa. I moved to Australia and commenced School in Melbourne at the age of twelve. At school I endeavoured to involve myself in sport and drama as well as bush-walking and jumping on any opportunity to visit the outdoors.

My journey to teaching started with my Gap Year in England, teaching at Sherborne School in Dorset and working closely with their sports and drama departments. I spent three months working on a polo estancia in Argentina to teach adults to ride and play polo. I returned to my homeland to spend two years in northern Kenya helping my father set up a successful safari company, GoWild Africa. I qualified as a safari guide and educated tourists about the delicate balance between conservation of wildlife and the ever expanding human population impact on our natural environment.

All my travels and pursuits have always brought me back to teaching. Education and improving the quality of life for those around me has been, and always will be, a driving force in my life. I am now highly motivated to contribute to the ever-growing quality of education provided in this wonderful world we live in.

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